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Cat Adoptions in Chesapeake, Virginia

Save an animal's life with cat adoptions from Animal Assistance League in Chesapeake, Virginia. For more information about policies and fees, call us at (757) 548-0045.

AAL Adoption Policies

• All cats adopted from this shelter will be spayed/neutered
  before adoption. This is a mandatory state law.
  Animals will not be allowed to leave the shelter until after they are

 • No adoptions to persons under 18 years of age. Identification
  showing age and current address will be required for all adoptions
  (at least one photo ID is required).

• Renters need written proof of landlord's permission for pets, and a
  copy of receipt showing pet deposit has been paid.

• Any person living with a homeowner, but not required to pay rent,
  i.e., parents, grandparents, guardial, etc, must have at least one
  homeowner present at the time of adoption.

• No animal adopted shall be given as a gift. The new owner must be
  present at the time of the adoption.

• The AAL reserves the right to refuse any adoption or to reclaim any
  animal for breach of contract.

• If an adopted animal is no longer wanted, you must contact the AAL.
the AAL is not required to accept a returned animal, even if it has the
right to do so. No refunds or exchanges will be given. A surrender fee
may be required if animal is returned.


• Persons who have surrendered an animal to the AAL and wish to
  reclaim the animal must follow regular adoption procedures, including
  sterilization. A boarding fee of $15.00 per day may be assessed as

• Cats must be kept indoors and not allowed to roam outside.

• New owners need to be aware of their city's pet laws, such as 
  licensing, leash laws, and rabies vaccinations.

• New owners are required by law to provide adequate food, water,
  shelter, medical care, and sterilization for your pet. Protect your pet;
  make sure it wears an identification tag at all times.  If microchipped, make sure registration information is up to date for the microchip.

• All animals require companionship with humans – please give them
  plenty of love and attention.

• Don't forget or neglect them!

Contact our animal shelter in Chesapeake, Virginia, for cuddly cats to add to your family.